ROME’s New Logo

ROME is an open-source java library project that eases the parsing and generating RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds. The ROME founders have just announced the winner of its logo contest to be a design by Ozan Yigit:

Ozan Yigit #1

While I like the winning entry by Mr. Yigit, I’m afraid the no-two-pieces-fit aspect conveys “cobbled together”… not the kind of image an open source project wants to garner. Hopefully that’s a bit of over-analysis on my part and the general public doesn’t get the same impression. (More on this here.)

The other finalist, Sylvain Comte, had a great design that was my personal favorite. I wasn’t part of choosing the winner, but I felt his colleseum design presented a very polished sleek image for ROME.

Never the less, congrats to Mr. Yigit, and thanks to everyone who participated in the ROME logo contest.

One Response to “ROME’s New Logo”

  1. Rob Says:

    I agree with you. I would vote for the runner up. My major reasoning would be that the winning logo uses English, and I would vote that the logo must be universal, so that any user will understand the meaning when viewing it. Certainly the runner up logo can be used without the text underneath it.

    With that said, I hope the winning logo gains acceptance among all end-users.